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Bambíno has become a second home for both our children. There are plenty of similar facilities in Prague, therefore it is not necessary to emphasize a beautiful environment, wonderful approach of staff towards children, quality programme etc. Clear and understandable evaluation of Bambíno by our children is only one… usually they don’t want to go home and apart from some cases, they are happy to go “to work” in the morning. And our evaluation as parents, that both have very non-regular working hours? We can ALWAYS negotiate anythingin Bambíno, nothing is a problem that couldn´t be solved and Bambíno´s flexibility and helpfulness (same as the patience with us, crazy parents) is still surprising to me in some moments. These are from the view of us – parents, often invaluable above-standard bonus, which make Bambíno so extraordinary. We made some stops in similar facilities on the way to Bambíno but I can tell that Bambíno is our last one.

I would like to add a little PS with the hindsightto my previous reference. We have gone through the enrolment to Elementary schools with our daughter recently. We thought, until the last moment, that a postponement of the school attendance would be suitable for her, even after the consultations with all participated (kindergarten director, psychologist, speech therapist etc.). The greater was the surprise that our daughter prepared. In the elementary school which we belong to as for area we live in,which, I can say, is definitely not a bad school,they were looking at me with a great suspicion, when I told them about the idea. I can recollect one note of the schools’ deputy preciselyand so will afford to quote her: “…by the way, I do not remember that we would had a child with such a good pen-holding and great motor skills at the enrolment lately…”.

So we decided to go for an enrolment at our preferred school where the enrolment to the first grade is a kind of a real “entrance exams”. I took it as an opportunity to find out what it would be like next year. From 140 registered children they were enrolling only 50 and our daughter is among them. This is probably not a surprise looking at the fact that she has attendedBambíno´s highly erudite and excellently managed pre-pre-school and then pre-school “education”. I have to admit absolutely honestly, that Bambíno has a significant involvement on her preparedness and her success.

Finally I have to tell that from the very start in Bambíno, my expectations and priorities from Bambíno towards children have been changing according to my children´s age, from the nursery to the kindergarten age, and now also the pre-school age. Bambíno and people in Bambíno understand it the same and the expectations have been fulfilled with an above-standard quality.

Zuzka Hajasová
mum of Rozárka and Johan

We have heard about Bambino from our friend.

According to our return from abroad it was unbelievable coincidence because we were looking for a kindergarten where Anička could continue in English and French language, which is something that only Bambíno offers.Of course we were worried about the change because Anička was used to her "old" kindergarten where she had made connections, she knew the environment and kindergarten rituals.

But our worries were useless :-) Anička has gotten to like the kindergarten in a short while, she has found new friends and now it is "her” kindergarten.Now also younger Matyáš has joined.We really appreciate the possibility that our children may be together despite the age difference.Anička helps Matýsek which really simplifies his entrance to the kindergarten life :-) Next big advantage is the flexibility and responsiveness of the whole team.

Bambino, we thank you a lot!

P.S. Sometimes we have to wait for the children in the kindergarten and add more minutes...

Michaela and Martin Peleškovi
parents of Anna
We have paid a lot of attention in choosing the kindergarten for my daughter. I have visited many of them personally “in scope of searching”. The Bambíno Kindergarten impressed me at the first visit and twice – setting of the kindergarten in a nice old villa with a big garden and also treatment of the kindergartens’ management. Now it is a year that our daughter has been visiting the kindergarten. Nothing was a problem ever. They approach to the childs’ and parents’ needs really individually, no matter how cliché it sounds. As e.g. our daughter never sleeps after the lunch, which is quite an invincible problem in most of the kindergartens; there is also no problem to arrange a transportation of our daughter to/from the kindergarten, occasional switching of attendance days, etc. etc. Choosing this kindergarten was a bull’s-eye for us.

Lada Stejskalová
mum of Andrea
Our daughter Lucie was not even 2 years old when she started attending Bambino nursery in January 2013. As apparently every parents whose first child is about to face one of the first “challenges“ in their lives, my wife and I were more than nervous how this would work out. Of course, objectively speaking we could not really imagine a better environment for our little kid to prove she would be able to “survive“ without us. A new, modern, apparently well-established kindergarten in a beautiful villa at Vinohrady; on top of that, less than 5 minutes‘ walk from my wife’s employer. So, what else could we wish for? But still….does objective perfection always guarantee a good result, in this case hapiness of our child? Since we could not be sure, there was only one option – to give it a try!

In the first few days after our daughter started to attend Bambino, we realised one important thing. The fact that Bambino was a new and modern kindergarted did not matter that much. The fact that it was situated in an elegant villa in a prestigious neighbourhood did not make a big difference. The fact that it was equipped with basically all imaginable child-facilities, toys, teaching equipments was not really of big importance. What we realized was that the greatest asset of Bambino are its PEOPLE. Starting from the diligent and always-smiling cleaning lady, over the extremely commited teachers / “aunts“, who truely seem to love the kids as their own, to the competent and reliable management, who simply know how to do their job.

Having said this, I don’t feel the need to stress way too much that our daughter did not struggle much before she got used to spending her days without us. On the contrary, in a few days she made friends with the other kids, got used to the daily routines and became really attached not only to her teacher „Dáda“ but basically to all the staff including the “cleaning aunt“.

Well, so much for our rather personal recollection. Before thanking Bambino for all this, I would like to mention a few other things which may not be of such significance at first sight, but which we appreciated a lot. Firstly, there are many activities which the kids pursue with their teachers, most of them of creative nature. Being it painting, modelling, collages… all of it develops children’s imagination and manual skills. What is also nice about it, is that parents can see all of their offspring’s “artefacts“ either physically or – if there is no time for it – on the internet site of Bambino.

Secondly, in Bambino the kids live in a real cosmopolitant environment. When Lucie picked up a few words from her Italian “boyfriend“ Leonardo, we were amused. When she later picked up many more words in English from Eloise (Canadian teacher who mostly speaks to the children in English, btw can speak French too, if requested) we were rather delighted. For sure, we don’t belong to parents who want to torture their 2-years-old kids with “learning“. But the thing is that in this way it is no learning at all, it is fun! And who would not want their children to learn English without ever realizing that have to learn it. Well, we do! :-)

Last but not least, I know who how important is safety. Well, in Bambino one can tell how closely it is linked (at least in the Vinohrady branch) to the company. It is hard to imagine a safer and more caring environment than this.

So…thanks to all who made and make this parents‘ dream come true!!! 

Lukáš and Ilona Nagy
parents of Lucinka
When I firstly left my one-year old son for in nursery Bambino for half a day, I cried and felt like the worst mother in the world. Now, after three years, also my second son attends nursery and from the older one, originally a big hothead, has become a smart pre-preschooler, that gives wisdoms. Now, I am smiling when I am leaving Bambino and I feel like the best mother in the world because I know that Bambino enables the best pre-school education that a person can imagine. I have to admit, that also after several years, Bambino is still pleasantly surprising me with its enthusiasm and interest in self-improvement. We consult together and solve minor and also essential matters in the field of education, but also practical things – e.g. transport of children home, when I had to stay at the hospital unexpectedly. I appreciate above-standard personal approach.

My children are absolutely happy here, they are learning lot of skills in a playful way and I am happy when I see them with beaming faces. If I could, I would attend Bambino with them.

Thanks to whole team of nursery and kindergarten Bambino, that they are helping me to raise smart small people.

Miroslava Pešová
mum of Matěj and Radek
Choosing a kindergarten is not always easy, especially in a foreign country, but the team at Bambino made me feel relaxed and gained my trust immediately. My daughter has loved every moment being at Bambino, and considers the teachers her “best friends”. Every night she comes home telling me stories about what they have done during the day and what she has been learning. Even though only 3 years old, Zehra has learnt so much from her time at Bambino. The after-school clubs are great, and always the children to learn new skills, with dance being Zehra’s favourite at the minute. Leaving your child in the care of others is stressful, and when they cry when you leave, it can make you worry, but every time I collect Zehra, I hear her laughter and it reassures me that we made the right choice in choosing Bambino. I can thoroughly recommend Bambino to any parent looking for excellent care for their children.

Michelle Kocaoglu
mum of Zehra
It is a pleasure to write about our experience with Bambino kindergarten. Our daughter last year before primary school was full of change – 2 countries, 3 different languages, a new home. The transitions were hard and as parents we were very concerned about her finding a positive learning environment in which she felt comfortable, happy, and when she could be herself. We most certainly found that in Bambino. Because of it’s superior atmosphere and great, loving, dedicated teaching staff, Vivien has flourished. I can tell that she feels at home there and looks forward to going each day. I feel that the multi-cultural environment has also been a great service to her sense of belonging. She is a strong part of the Bambino community as she contributes her cultural mix to a group of wonderfully diverse, not to mention bright and kind, children. Furthermore, I feel that Bambino has encouraged her to grow intellectually with such a variety of experiences that reach far beyond the traditional. From learning about the world and the environment, planting a garden and making sushi, to expeditions outside the school yard to a farm and to galleries – I feel Vivien has been able to expand her understanding of the world around her in a broad and positive way. I am grateful for the time that Vivien has had with Bambino and it’s awesome teachers.

Emily Heinz Vargic
mum of Vivien
The reason why our Hugo has been attending Bambíno, is his granny. She was really interested in Hugo’s very first studies, so she wanted to be involved in searching. Suddenly she found a Bambino leaflet somewhere and brought it to show us. We were in three kindergartens in total; the first one didn’t meet the hygienic norms at all. It seemed that there was a hygienist waiting behind the corner prepared to close the kindergarten any moment. In the second one, Hugo stayed for one morning and never more! After I have found him alone in tears on a trampoline, because someone pushed him down a moment before, we have never returned. The third kindergarten was Bambino. It was so cultivated and the marble cake smelled well from the kitchen. We took Hugo to the art room and didn’t leave without singing the contract. Hugo has been in Bambino over three years now, and this is the longest from most children. Thanks to the cooperation with Bambino, Hugo has become a social and communicative boy. We think that he has a really good start for the future.

Tereza Booth
mum of Hugo
Our son was at Bambino´s for over 2 years and we were very satisfied. The personal and the approach with thi kids is very professional and the results show i tis efficient as well. Bambino is really international. With kids from all around the world they are in contact with many different cultures and languages. This is very beneficial and helps them developing and opened mind. Of course, the most important is that our son always loved going there.„Mommy, the most beautiful planet is Jupiter!“

Ivana a Fabien
parents of Krystufek
I have to say that all the employees here in Bambíno are excellent and very professional and always helpful. Keko is very happy and he likes to spend time in daycase. The most important for me is that he is happy and enjoys to spend time here because children can´t lie about what makes them happy. I am also very much satisfied about his progress in development and growth. He learns a lot through a very fun and interactive way.

Sanela Bursac
mum of Keko
I think it was a good decision to have chosen Bambino for my daughter. The teachers are very friendly and warm, so she has enjoyed a lot to be in Bambino. In the initial time of her schoold days, she had not understood at all both English and Czech. However, she nowadays is singing songs in English or Czech even in my home. Also she enjoys playing with friends in Bambino. This is amazing for me. Bambino has an event called ’school in nature’ every half year which kids go on trip for 3 days away from their parents. As that was first time for my daughter to be away from me, I worried if she would be sad, but she wasn’t at all. I’m so proud of her that she came back home growing up mentally every time after ’school in nature’. I and my daughther really enjoyed a lot in Bambino. Thank you.

mum of Sana
We were looking for best kindergarden for our son. ’Being the best’ is not only the confidence about children security, but also to become a place where little humans start to understand the world around and get prepared to the real life. And Bambino gives the perfect opportunities for children to see the world and get first life experience. Before we got access to webpages with photos reports, we could hardly imagine how many activities they perform with our children daily. They visit various places very often, from fire station to nursing home, from cinema to library, summer camp on the farm, amazing studies! They sing songs, make different crafts, paint something all the time. They study foreign language and after couple of month our son insists to speak english even when he´s at home. Team there is young, active, very responsible and most of them are native english speakers. We are very confident about our child when they look after him. We are sure every day he knows more and more. What else can we desire as a parents? Bambino is a great place. Looking forward to send there our lovely daughter, unfortunately she is too young now :-) With best regards,

Boris & Elena Korolkovs
parents of Artem
With this letter of recommendation we want to say thank you for taking such good care of our two sons Alexander (3 years) and Nicholas (16 months) throughout the last year. For us as a self-employed parents the long and flexible opening times of the kindergarten, and the fact that you only close Christmas and New Year, ideal conditions for our childcare. In addition, the kindergarten made it happen with many things, such as the provided the high-quality organic food, loving and empathic teachers, that our two sons feel very comfortable. Overall, a really sheltered and familiar atmosphere is created for the children - in the small and in the large group - that are otherwise rarely found in the Prague facilities. Particularly, we like how the big kids learn with the small and vice versa. Especially, that both brothers were able to see each other during the day for short times in-between has really helped the integration of our youngest. The many activities, crafting, singing, sports, free play, cooking, making music, and the daily rituals of the children did not leave any wished open for us. We always felt that they had the ideal input for growth and happiness. For us, it is essentially important that our kids like to go to the kindergarten and feel good. Both boys do enjoy the kindergarten and we hope that this will also be the case for the places we have selected for our children after our move to Germany. We thank the entire staff from the heart. We were in good contact and we could always contact them when we had questions. We would always and wholeheartedly recommend the Bambino kindergarten.

Cristina and Michal Tuik
parents of Alexander and Nicholas
Dear Bambino! We heard about your kindergarten few months ago through family which children attend your kindergarten. The family was excited and satisfied with your services. We have decided to enter Olivia to you even that she was approved to the state kindergarten. We have spent a short time with you, our expectations were fulfilled. You are one of little amount of kindergartens that is very flexible, open, with professional approach of the pedagogues, with wide offer of services, clubs and an amazing family atmosphere. It will be hard for us to leave! You have given Olivia a good start and we believe that it will help her to get into a new collective also in the foreign. Thank you :-) We wish you lot of success in pedagogical work and good clients.

Beáta Lacko
mum of Olivia
Excellent multilingual school with skillful and careful staff, flexible and responsible management, outstanding equipment and personal approach to each child. I highly recommend to all expat families regardless to your duration of stay in Prague.

Alida Ban Pavlovic
mum of Toma
Beautiful premises, awareness of my child’s safety, and learning through play. My daughter does not cry, when it’s time to go to kindergarten, and she comes back happy and smiling. It is a great advantage to let my child be picked up at home, taken to kindergarten and brought back. I’d been enjoying nice details such as the kindergarten staff bringing home my daughter’s favourite toy, when she was ill. Thank you.

Denisa Chalupová
mum of Vanessa
We came back to Bambíno after a year for a holiday season, since our current state kindergarten was not open during holidays and our daughter had literally enforced holidays in Bambíno through permanent questions such as when she finally might go to the “old” kindergarten, where she was never bored and where both the children and teachers were nice to her... Bambíno is a very nice place with the family atmosphere and friendly, almost mummy approach. Kindergarten is situated in a nice surrounding of an old garden suburb with a beautiful garden; the place is well accessible from the Flora underground station. Teachers are very kind, friendly, and receptive and apply individual approach to the children. They consider each child a personality. It is obvious that all of them do their work with love. Daily schedules are varied and children are definitely not bored. Moreover, the thematic programme is running during holidays. Children are moving a lot; they spend the major part of the day in the garden. The kindergarten has extended working hours until 6 p.m. and is open during the whole summer holidays. Moreover, if you pick up your child just few seconds before 6 p.m., nobody will knit his brows as in state kindergartens. I can recommend Bambíno to all those children who prefer smaller groups with the family atmosphere, who like being creative, and who like discovering new things. Moreover, as it has turned out, connecting the Czech and English groups was a great advantage – Lucie attended the Czech group, indeed, but she has understood basic English words since she was three and she is thus very easily able to take part in animation programmes within hotel resorts during our trips abroad.

Martina Poláková
mum of Lucinka
We have tried two private kindergartens and the third one was Bambino Vinohrady. This kindergarten offers not only a beautiful place and lot of activities for children but finally it is a kindergarten that reacts to the needs of parents and makes our life simpler. They are very flexible and they try to satisfy us. Communication with all employees is always pleasant.

Šárka Fancher
mum of Dominik
Our two sons Marc and Alex attend the Bambino kindergarten on Vinohrady. It was difficult to choose the kindergarten because according to us, the kindergarten age is the most important phase of the child’s development. Marc attends the kindergarten and Alex attends the nursery. Since they are visiting Bambino, they are more independent, they have learned what their home is, and they have learned daily activities: dress up, wash their hands and teeth, and clean the table. But the most important that they have learned is the principles of nice behaving and respecting limits, what is right and what is not. Other important point is their creativity which is developed in Bambino thanks to musical courses, cooking course, ceramics, dancing. For me and my husband was very important that the kindergarten they will attend is bilingual because we are not Czechs and we want that boys can speak in the country that they live in. We still see progress how they are learning both languages – Czech and English. On the other hand, Bambino is very flexible kindergarten, which may adapt to various situations in which the families of their children occur and they help them. Thanks to the caring teachers Bambino takes care of their children the best way they can. But the most important is to see Marc and Alex how they go to the kindergarten satisfied every morning. Manuel and Maria, Marc and Alex parents

Maria Candel Notari
mum of Alex and Marc
We are very happy and proud that our son Nikolas attends the Bambino Kindergarten which, I think, is the best in Prague. He started to attend the nursery that he liked from the first moment and during one month he started to talk, then he get rid of his dummy and nappies and he has learned a lot of new things. Every day I see something new at him that he had learned in the kindergarten and he likes to talk about it and show it to me. He also knows few English words. I like the equipment of the kindergarten, that they have a special room for every activity: a music room, gym, creative art room, and playroom, bedroom for sleeping and beautiful beds. They also take care of animals and flowers here. I can see a huge development at Nikolas and mainly, that he is always happy. Also during weekends he tells us that he would like to go to the kindergarten where he likes it a lot. I appreciate mainly nice teachers that I fully trust, I can see how they love all the children and they are dedicated to them fully / which is a feeling that I didn’t have at other kindergartens that I have seen/. They are learning also small children nice and good behaving, children are helping each other, they are learning and inspiring each other. What is important for me is a various meals full of vegetables based on healthy nutrition, which is underestimated in other kindergartens, or they are cooking according to the habits of school dining rooms which is not good. Every morning a driver picks up Nikolas at our home and takes him to the kindergarten and our son really likes this, every morning he is happy to wake up and he hurries up to Mr. Driver, it’s a daily routine. It is very helpful for us at morning organisation and leaving to work. We are happy that we have Bambino! Thank you!

Veronika Manukjan
mum of Nikolas
Hello, We would like to thank everyone from Bambíno Vinohrady for how amazing place for children they can create every day. We have joined also our son Lukášek into the selection of the kindergarten. He was excited already at the first visit in Bambíno as it is really an amazing place. Their own accredited programme is a guarantee that they mean it seriously with children here. But here all the seriousness ends because children thanks to the various programme enjoy lot of fun every day. So Luky has soon extended his three-day attending to a whole week. Now he is looking forward when also his younger brother starts to attend to kindergarten. For us it is lovely to see how he is happy and satisfied in Bambíno. For us, parents, the professionalism and also the maximal effort and willingness of whole team of Bambíno is important. And maybe we are also a little bit envy for such a great kindergarten of Luky :-)

Pavla and David Hlavičkovi
parents of Lukášek
I would like to thank very much to our kindergarten for a wonderful care of my son Amir. He loves to go there and every day he has new stories and experiences. When I am putting the child to the kindergarten in the morning I am always sure that he will be OK and he will come home in a good mood. I like very much that I don’t have to drive my son to the kindergarten because every day a minibus comes and takes Amir and he loves to wait for the driver and friends which he will go to the kindergarten with and have fun with them. It is also super that I can watch the child by the web page where I can find photos and reports about what he is doing during the day. I am very happy that I have chosen this kindergarten for my son.

Maja Oripova
mum of Amir
I have liked kindergarten Bambíno already at our first visit – with its’ equipment (childrens’ kitchen, music room, ceramics, gym…) but also with a kind and professional behaving of the personnel. Marlenka is attending the kindergarten four years and this year also her younger brother Kristian has joined. Both children are satisfied and this is the most important for us.

Veronika Šaňáková
mum of Marlenka and Kristian
Probably every parent who has experienced this situation knows how difficult it is to pass a child from home care to nursery or kindergarten. You are asking a lot of questions to yourself if you chose well and whether you’re doing the best for your child. And nobody can´t answer your questions better than the child itself. In the case of our daughter Ellinka we are sure now that Bambíno was a good choice. We know it. Our Ella is simply happy in the kindergarten. And lucky was also our choice. Bambíno is the place where she lives and whom she lives. She has lots of friends there - the small ones and even the adults. She learns new things with them, to explore and to create. She develops her skills in clubs which she attends there. She acquires the basics of foreign languages since childhood. She has a unique opportunity to grow up in a multicultural environment. But above all she grows up in a place where she feels comfortable, safe and with people who are her second family.

Petra and Petr
parents of Ellinka
Choosing Bambino kindergarten proved as a very good decision for our son Filip. The unique program is adjusted to the needs of children with different backgrounds and Filip without difficulty accepted this multilingual environment. With the support of the highly caring staff, our son gradually learned to speak Czech, was involved in many activities and enjoyed playing with his new friends. The kindergarten provides many opportunities for creative learning with flexible programme taking into account children needs and additional services provided to parents. I would recommend this kindergarten as higly innovative and pleasant setting for upbringing children.

Ljiljana Asenov Jovanovski
mum of Filip
Our Adam has been attending Bambíno since May 2013.Our family considers Bambíno as a synonym of amazing kindergarten. The kindergarten has a beautiful environment, it’s a villa with a nice garden. The Bambíno kindergarten was a clear choice both for us and for Adam - nice managers, the garden with playing elements, kindergarten schedule and activities, possibility of attending Czech or English group. The kindergarten interior is colourful, each activity has its own room. Adam loves cooking and baking in the toy kitchen. Adam is happy and contended in the kindergarten. He has friends there. Kindergarten activities and the busy morning schedule make him a skilful boy. Each week there is a morning programme on a specific theme. Each week there is an event outside or inside the kindergarten.Adam plays flute in the kindergarten. Kindergarten is visited by a speech therapist. Adam has thus everything at one place, in his kindergarten premises; that’s a great extra value for us, parents. I as a parent mostly appreciate that Bambíno has its own garden with grass, trees, plants... that’s surely great advantage of the kindergarten. Sauna for kids is super in the winter season. Kindergarten has its figure Mr. Bambíno and every child has his/her own mark with a beautiful graphic work. For us parents, another great extra value is the kindergarten’s web with photos; we thus clearly see that Adam is perfectly taken care of. I leave Adam in Bambíno with no worries; I believe he’s in a safe environment. Great thanks belong to nice teachers; I admire how they manage kids with a smile, but they also can be strict and consistent. They teach the children how to behave politely and how to develop nice mutual relationships between people. In Bambíno, children learn how to breed snails and fish and how to plant and water plants. The preschooler’s year waits for us after the holidays. In the spring 2015, Adam was in the forest kindergarten and he’s still living over experiences from the redskin camp. We thank to the whole Bambíno team, we’re glad to have you.

Jitka Smržová
mum of Adam
My daughter was very excited to wake up every morning to go to Bambino, which was the best reference ever. We are very thankful to the enthusiastic teachers and staff who helped us on our Bambino journey. With best regards from Anabela Zubrova and her parents!

Jaroslavna Zgoda
mum of Anabela
Our five years old son Samuel begun to attend Bambino in summer 2013. We have a comparison of two other kindergartens which he was attending before. We are very happy that the third option was this great kindergarten. We let our son to go to the school in nature in October and even he was out of family for the first time he returned happy and full of experiences. Teachers were regularly sending us messages so we could be calm. We appreciate an attitude of teachers who care about basics of good manners of children and they conscientiously demand from children activities that are from different areas of everyday life and that they lay emphasise on developing of creativity. An attitude of teachers is based on an individual approach to a child. Samík is happy in the kindergarten and he has a lot of friends of different nationalities that has caused he wants to know other countries and customs. As parents we very appreciate English lessons especially that English is used in everyday activities and we can see a big progress in his ability of communication in English and an ability of learning English texts by listening for example during the listening to a new songs for him. We are very pleased that whenever we pick up our son Samík from the kindergarten we always get information what Samík was doing during the day, how successful he was at the preschool afternoon preparation, if he liked meal etc. It makes us feel that teachers have a real interest in a child. From our own experience of previous (also private kindergartens) we know that it isn´t a standard. As regards the changes that are needed within everyday life we have agreed with Bambino without any problems. Feedback and information about events and activities in the kindergarten are on a high level. Samík will be a pre-schooler next school year and it means that he will go to an enrolment but we are looking forward to a new school year without worries. We know that he will be well prepared and it will be also thanks to Bambino. We are planning to enrol to Bambino our second eight months old son Alex.

Lucie and Jaroslav Barvířovi
parents of Samuel
Our three years old daughter Alžběta has been attending Bambíno kindergarten for almost two years. We can count on a professional approach of all employees. We very appreciate a nice consistency to children but reasonable benevolence to us, working parents.

Hana Vachutková
mum of Alžběta
Our family is so grateful to have found Bambino – it has exceeded all of our expectations. As newly arrived expats in Prague, we looked at several pre-school options for our son and daughter. Initially we were drawn to Bambino for its Czech and English program, but upon meeting the teachers and experiencing the school firsthand, it was clear we had found ‘the one’. As we’ve come to know the school more over these last two years, our appreciation has only grown.

The teachers at Bambino are simply outstanding, across the board. Beyond their enviable creativity, which continues to impress us each week, they forge strong relationships with the kids and create a very nurturing learning environment. In addition, they sprinkle in events and trips – like ‘school in nature’ or themed sleepovers – that keep the kids excited. Their attention to detail, like scanning and uploading artwork and photos, is also amazing. There are simply a million small touches that make Bambino so special. They have our highest recommendation and we couldn’t be happier there.

Jenny Traille
mama to Rowen & Emma
We want to thank to team of Bambino who helped us in the difficult beginnings when parents have most concerns because their fourteen months old child is getting used to the new environment and their child isn´t quite calm. Now when Sofia is happy in Bambino and she is glad of going there we very appreciate the values which our daughter is learning there. We are calm because we know that she has and gets everything that she needs. We recommend Bambino to everybody who has high expectations because they always get something extra! We are absolutely sure they always know what they are doing and why.

Vedrana and Michal Stříbrní
parents of Sofia
Both our daughters attend Bambíno; Anna (4) attends kindergarten and Mína (2) attends nursery. Anička started with attending the kindergarten when she was two and half; Mína has been attending nursery for circa half a year. Honestly, I can hardly imagine that they would have to attend another kindergarten. Bambíno is perfect in every area – perfect teachers, who like their jobs, love the children, are experienced, and develop abilities of children in every field - they really pay their attention, spend their time, and explain everything patiently. Perfectly working management background able to respond to the changes and requirements flexibly (it happens that, due to our work duties, we need to have girls in kindergarten longer, we modify their standard attendance and have not yet recognized any trouble; Bambíno always meet our requirements to the full extent).Healthy and well-balanced diet – honestly, I would never be able to provide the same in personal. Beautiful and clean environment with an amazing garden and own playground; basically, the entire conception, when children have a long-term plan of development of everything they will need in their lives. And last but not least, I appreciate very much perfect communication towards us parents – thanks to intranet, regular evaluation meetings, and daily communication with teachers we have perfect information of everything, our children learned, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how were their days, how they behave towards the rest, how they eat - simply everything each parent needs and wants to know. I would recommend Bambíno to all parents, since it’s a great relief to have such a life “partner” you can rely on and, at the same time, a perfect feeling that we give our children the best. Thank you very much, Bambíno.

Martina Vopršalová
mum of Anička and Mína
Before relocating to Prague, we have looked for various kindergartens via internat and later by actual visits. Finally, we decided for Bambino. Even though Bambino is an multi-nationalschool and has students and teachers from various countries, we were very stressed since we were not from an English, German or French speaking country. Furthermore, at the first day of the school, on the contrary of our initial agreement, we were told that Our daughter should not in Czech class but in English class since Czech was a difficult language. We were surprised since we were planning to have our daughter to go to public Czech schools, however, we complied with the given advise. Alisa has been to kindergarten, however, it was very stressfull to start a kindergarten on the 3rd day of arrival to a foreign country and we had many difficulties. Thank to her teachers and the management, starting from the end of 3rd week at Bambino, Alisa stopped crying when we were leaving her to kindergarten and, even started to complain that the school was closed in holidays. At the end of 10. month, my spouse is informing me that Alisa does not want to leave the school when her mother goes to pick her up in the afternoon. As for the language skills, we are very positively surprised. Even thoguh Alisa was absent about 1 month long with inervals starting from the 7th month, she has started to speak fluently English and Czech. As saying „speaking“ I do not mean names of fruits, counting or singing but a real fluent speaking! We belive that such a development happened as her teachers were always talikng to them in detail and even the Czech teachers, who are not directly teaching to Alisa’s group, still had a close and sincere relationship with her. Likewise, she was not taking Czech lessons, however, now she speaks both languages at the same level. Another positive specialty of Bambino is that, not only the teachers of your child’s own group but all teachers take care of all kids at the kindergarten and they follow up and assess the development of all kids. Whenever I stopped by, many teachers have shared their valuable comments. Finally, I can say that each member of Bambino team obviously like what they are doing and the management does its best to meet special requirements of the parents and/or kids. When we see the development of our daughter in various manners, we feel happy to have made a good choice for her.

Eylen a Alper Özmet
parents of Alisa
Georgia & Jessie have been attending Bambino for 2 years. What initially attracted me was the beautiful villa, conveniently located to my home and work and the fact that it provided both Nursery and Preschool facilities under one roof. We have been very happy with the program and staff during our time here. Bambino has always been extremely flexible to our needs. For example: • My elder daughter Georgia participates in the Czech program 2 days per week (to provide her with the opportunity to learn the language) and the English program 3 days per week. • When my younger daughter Jessie was ready to start the transition from Nursery to Preschool, she started to attend a half day with the big children (when she was in the mood :-)) until she was ready to move full time to the Preschool. My older daughter will start school in September and Bambino has given her a great start. She has already learned basic reading, writing and number puzzles so she can be confident while adjusting to her new environment. Thanks Bambino - we will miss you!

Cathy Hamilton
mum of Georgia and Jessie
Bambino provides a great young learners enviroment both inside and outside. Our son enjoyed his time at Bambino kindergarten and developed many skills and friendships. We were very pleased to be a part of Bambino after our return from the UK. Eric was looking forward to every day as he likes his teachers, his friends, nice food and a large garden.

Eliška Thorburn
mum of Eric
After returning from abroad we were looking for an international kindergarten so as to maintain our son’s English. We liked the Bambíno kindergarten very much due to many reasons. First, native speakers in the kindergarten were of various nationalities and thus also various accents (British, Australian, American); kindergarten offered a possibility of alternating English and Czech education and we were also fascinated by beautiful, clean premises in the villa with a garden and kindergarten equipment (children’s kitchen, music room with a piano, playground in the garden). Management of the kindergarten was always very helpful and its flexibility was priceless, since, prior to our next relocation, the date of our departure and thus also our son’s leave from the kindergarten was several times changed and the kindergarten has always met our requirements despite many new applications and overloaded capacities. Few times we also used the practical service of our son’s delivery from the kindergarten. There is perfect and really diverse diet in the kindergarten (I was many times inspired by its menu); if possible, children spend every day some time in the garden; our son therefore learned to put his shoes on very quickly (I didn’t succeed in this area too significantly ) and to be more active in putting his clothes on. Teachers try to support friendly relationships within the group of children, teach them how to say sorry and how to behave considerately and respectfully. When I picked my son up, he was always happy. Thank you, Bambíno, and wishing you many happy children!

Stanislava Mastníková
mum of Marcel
 Sofie started to attend Bambíno, when she was three, and she immediately fell in love with it. A nice and creative environment, garden, and the yard for outdoor activities were surely helpful too, but perfect teachers (including management) and their approach to the children were top. It is obvious that Bambíno strives for developing strengths of each child, but also comprehensiveness, learning how to be empathic, supporting team spirit, and importance of friendship. I was very satisfied with the preschool preparation, within which children obtained a perfect basis for the Czech school system and were very well prepared for enrolment to the first class. The pervasive presence of English thanks to native-speaking teachers was very valuable for Sofie too. Despite her Czech origin, she is six years old and is already partially bilingual. She starts attending primary school in one and half month and she’ll surely miss Bambíno. Fortunately, she may enjoy kindergarten until the end of August. Thanks for everything, Bambíno, and be always so perfect. 

Lenka Belko
mum of Sofia
We were before the decision where to hold a birthday party for our son Mario. We were thinking about organising the party in a spacious restaurant with a childs’ corner and theme programme for children (magician, face painting, clown). As our son has a lot of friends and we have already been to birthday parties and we have met with parties type of restaurant and a programme, we didn’t want to have sons’ party in a restaurant environment which is suitable more for adult parties (event if we would make a programme for children), we more likely wanted a party where children will feel as at home, where children will have fun, not adults. Simply a solid children party.

We didn’t know and we were still deciding where and how we will make the party, so to progress with planning we started to make a list of friends that we will invite for the party.

During making the party, our son has remembered to his two friends that were attending with him the kindergarten. He asked me that he would love to invite these friends to the party. It was really good that he has remembered because at that moment we knew where the party will be. The place of the party would be kindergarten Bambino.

That day I contacted the kindergarten and arranged a meeting to talk about the birthday party and ask them to give me some advices and help me plan the party. Kindergarten Bambino was willing to help me with everything starting with design, creation of invitations, programme, and provision of catering and other services.

During and after the party the children were extremely satisfied. Simply they enjoyed the party a lot. And that is the most important.

Bohdana Foubíková
mother of Mario
Our two children have been going to Bambino for almost eleven months - our son to the nursery, our daughter to the main kindergarten - and we are very happy with their development. Bambino has a lovely atmosphere: the building, a generously sized villa, consists of many rooms, each with a different character, and none too big, which keeps it cosy and stimulating for the children. The staff are consistently warm and motivated, and go about their work with fantasy and love. We like how the children are taught to treat each other with respect. Most importantly, our children look forward to going to Bambino every morning.

Paddington Tucker
dad of Vitus and Helen
We have finally found a kindergarten that we are happy with. Teachers call children friends, they have a varied programme and our daughter looks forward to the kindergarten! In addition, she surprises us by new knowledge and she recently recalls us everything that we could overlook during the driving. Actually they have a transport topic in the kindergarten this month. We can recommend Bambino that is being led sensitively and thoughtfully.

Tereza a Jan Houdkovi
parents of Sára
Bambíno made us very satisfied. Thank you for a very nice and friendly team; the evidence is that Adam was looking forward to his teachers and friends every day and he never wanted to go home in the evening. Thanks to being well cared about in Bambíno, he also obtained unbelievable knowledge that sometimes makes me astonished.

Markéta Pazdírková
mum of Adam
My son was amazed by Bambíno kindergarten during his very first visit. A nice villa with the garden is full of happy children and cheerful teachers and, as an extra bonus for our promising biologist, they also breed a few animals. When I asked my son, what he liked in kindergarten, he replied that the Science Is Fun club, his teachers, playing with his friends in the garden, and cooking. My daughter has been attending Bambíno too; she enrolled to nursery, when she was two. Upon the agreement with the teachers, after few month she was transferred to kindergarten. I appreciate that the Bambíno’s approach was humane and helpful again and that they evaluated my child upon her abilities, not upon her age. My daughter goes to kindergarten smiling. As a parent I appreciate very helpful and flexible approach to resolving any issue as well as perfect communication both with the teachers, management of kindergarten, and other parents. English lessons are natural, preschool preparation careful, range of clubs and activities wide – it is obvious that Bambíno adopted the „Learning through playing“ slogan in its full extent. The adaptation process is managed very sensitively and individually with regard of the specific child; older children are supported in being independent, responsible, and respectful towards their environment. Children spend their time in Bambíno in a friendly or even homely atmosphere, which is often made perfect by the smell of a baked strudel. I’m happy that my children may attend Bambíno.

Michaela Jurčíková
mum of Ája and Daniel
 From the new school year, Stellinka starts attending the first class of primary school and now I know that the efforts to choose the right kindergarten, I put in three year ago, was really worth it. I wasn’t looking just for a kindergarten near our house or just for a place for spending her time; I was looking for a kindergarten with a “spirit” and I really succeeded, when I found Bambíno. I appreciated many great things such as nice mutual relationships between teachers and children, a perfect preschool preparation and perfect meals, but I was really amazed by the details we were facing during the whole three years of our attendance, the last time, for example, honest invitations for Stellinka to come to kindergarten anytime as a school-girl just to play a bit. 

Leona Talacková
maminka Stelly
The Bambíno kindergarten drew our attention from the very first moment and this hasn’t changed for years. Bambíno is a combination of beautiful environment, excellent teachers (and other employees), and many friends. Our Vojta therefore looks forward to go to the kindergarten very much and he‘d often be happier not to go home. At the same time, he always learns many new things from many areas, they are dealing with. Sometimes it’s surely not easy to get along with Vojta, but the kindergarten staff always made its way and we could be sure that Vojta was in good hands. We’re very happy that we have decided for Bambíno.

Miroslav a Pavlína Pacholíkovi
parents of Vojta
For our Kristýnka, Bambíno was definitely a perfect choice.A beautiful villa with a large garden located in a quiet environment enables children to spend a lot of time outside and on beautiful and interesting walks; children are paid maximum attention and each day there is an interesting programme prepared for them.Since the day Kristýnka started with attending Bambíno, she made huge progress in various individual skills such as drawing, handwork, singing or learning rhymes, but also in communication with other children.Kristýnka started with attending Bambíno nursery when she was only two, and I have to say that, thanks to excellent approach of the nursery staff, there were no problems with her adaptation; I especially appreciated personal approach at the Kristýnka’s handover to the nursery, where a staff member took care of her immediately.Thanks to the time Kristýnka spent with “kindergarten” kids, she coped with her consequent transfer to kindergarten among “new and old” friends without any problems and she can easily communicate with older children even outside the kindergarten.:-) Thanks to the approach of the whole Bambíno staff creating definitely perfect environment for kids’ personal development and supporting their healthy self-esteem, Kristínka likes going to Bambíno; she has a lot of friends there and I’ve never heard that she didn’t like it there. We need not solve the problem that she doesn’t want to go there and when we come to take her home, we even have to wait until she finishes her drawing, playing, creating, etc.:-) I think it’s enough to say that Kristýnka doesn’t say she goes to kindergarten, but she goes to Bambíno… :-)

Kateřina Sládková
mum of Kristýnka
We started with looking for a nursery when Ondřej was only two. We randomly chose private nursery in a reasonable distance from our home and after a telephone agreement we arrived to Bambíno as our first destination. Bambíno also became the last destination. Our visit and the presentation made us totally fascinated and the pleasant environment and atmosphere contributed to our quick decision. We needed not visit any other facility. At first, Ondřej started with attending nursery few days a week and we saw that he was a very happy and contended boy. Nursery staff and then kindergarten staff has informed us regularly of how the days went by and provided feedback, advice, and tricks of how to proceed with problematic situations. Currently, Ondřej has enrolled in the first class and spent a substantial part of his life in Bambíno. Thanks to Bambíno I dare to declare that he is excellently prepared for school and that Bambíno has excellently taken care of education, games, and development of motor and social skills. We’ll be really sorry to leave Bambíno in the summer.

Miroslava Zálešáková
mum of Ondra
Our daughter who is now six years old has always been one of the more sensitive and demanding children, requiring individual approach and patience. She started going to her first private kindergarten when she was just under four years old. We were afraid of how she would cope with it, but she did just fine. Unfortunately, after a year of trouble-free attendance, the owner of the kindergarten cancelled his business which was a big and unpleasant shock for our whole family. After a long and thorough research of other private kindergartens, the best choice by far turned out to be BAMBÍNO. We weren’t the only ones though and had to wait half a year for our place in the kindergarten. In the meantime we placed our daughter into a nearby private kindergarten which soon proved to be a big mistake, bringing tears both to my daughter and me. Considering this terribly negative experience, we were really scared to start with yet another kindergarten. Fortunately, we went to BAMBÍNO which made all the difference. BAMBÍNO isn’t just ‘another’ private kindergarten, BAMBÍNO is unique! It is an above-standard, expertly organized establishment, where our daughter felt comfortably ever since the first day with no signs of crying, more satisfied and calmer with every day. We were provided with a complete overview of all her work and activities in the kindergarten not only from her teachers but also via the kindergarten’s web pages. Next to a range of experiences and amazing arts and crafts we also have plenty of beatiful photos taken in BAMBÍNO. In conclusion, BAMBÍNO = a stimulating and non-traditional enviroment, a qualified pedagogical team that - apart from the natural and gentle respect - is always there for the children, should they seek a comfort or a hug. The children feel absolutely safe, they have a good time and a good romp but at the same time they learn a lot - the pre-school education is on the highest possible level. I also have to mention the pleasant communication with the management and other kindergarten’s employees, everything there is in complete harmony. THANK YOU

Darina Kovacs
mum of Darinka




Today we went with our preschool friends to Gallery Rudolfinum. We attended the program „A story of an art piece.“ We learned something about the artist. We found out what is it like to be an artist, a curator and a visitor of an art gallery. In the end we built...
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Мы подготовили уникальную игровую программу, в которой особое внимание уделяется здоровому образу жизни, а также английскому или французскому языкам, у нас имеются собственные спортзал, керамическая мастерская, кабинет изобразительного искусства и функционирующая детская кухня, мы поддерживаем СМАРТ-, ЭКО- и БИО-подходы...

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Мы осуществляем уход за детьми старше 6 недель в течение всего дня, в течение неполного дня, а также по выходным, приятная спокойная обстановка приспособлена к возрасту детей, у нас работает профессиональный медицинский персонал...