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Bambino provides a great young learners enviroment both inside and outside. Our son enjoyed his time at Bambino kindergarten and developed many skills and friendships. We were very pleased to be a part of Bambino after our return from the UK. Eric was looking forward to every day as he likes his teachers, his friends, nice food and a large garden.

Eliška Thorburn
mum of Eric

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Mummie´s afternoon

Last wednesday on the 14th of June we met in Bambíno for Mummie´s afternoon. We made presents for our dear daddies – card, tie and frame. We all enjoyed time that we spent together and we are looking forward next time.

The garden party

Our Bambino garden changed into an undersea world during the garden party. The weather was so nice that we enjoyed all the activities outside and said goodbye to the school year and our dear preschool friends who will go to school after summer. During the afternoon,...