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Today we went with our preschool friends to Gallery Rudolfinum. We attended the program „A story of an art piece.“ We learned something about the artist. We found out what is it like to be an artist, a curator and a visitor of an art gallery. In the end we built our own art gallery from the wooden blocks. We all enjoyed the trip.

Accordion workshop

Every month we have a presentation of a different music instrument in Bambíno. The last day of March eight-year old Jonáš came to play accordion for us. He showed how it doesn´t work, if bellows in the middle are not pulled and pushed. Then we discovered other parts – keyboard and bass buttons. Children tried to recognise if Jonáš was playing just a melody on the keyboard or whether he accompanied it with accords using bass buttons. It´s an activity that develops musical ear. We admired few songs played by Jonáš. Finally, children could explore the accordion while trying the keyboard, bass buttons and how they work only while moving bellows. Everyone enjoyed the workshop, children succeeded very well in distinguishing a melody with or without accords and Jonáš´s young age was very inspirational for them.

The educational visit to the Prague sales promoting and advertising company DDB

On Friday our pre-school friends set out on a journey to the sales promoting company DDB where daddy of our friend Kai works. The children were given warm welcome and immediately asked to produce promotional leaflets for the Rossman chain. After that the children used the opportunity to look at the book-keeping department where they could try on an abacus and a special big calculator. They were also given pictures with figures and were asked to colour them in. Their further job was to paint pictures of the world to show what it will be like in fifty years. In the end the children tried the touchpad aided painting on a computer and were shown how the promotional posters were produced. When leaving the children were surprised by getting pictures with their own faces modified in the way to resemble „Little monsters, Ltd.“ Some of them were sure that they might enjoy such a job very much in the future.

Bookstore Tapatan

Last week we went with our preschool friends to bookstore called Tapatan – island of reading, where Mr. Vrána read a story about Žižkov monsters to us. We saw pictures of all Večerníček characters and in the end we had a little competetion in riddles – and we guessed all of them. We walked to the bookstore and enjoyed a bit of sunny weather that was today

Sheep visit at kindergarten

It´s because Easter is coming very soon and one of the symbols of Easter is also a lamb, we had a visitor last week at Bambíno and it was a real sheep. All friends got to learn something about the world of domestic animals, we saw the biggest sheep in the world and also we learned about special sheep that live in China. In the end we all touched the sheep and ejoyed a lovely morning here in Bambino.

Cirkus Kuskus

Last week, a circus came to Bambino! Circus KusKus brought to us lots of surprises and joy. The little Bambinos saw a ballet dancer walking on a rope, acrobatic number of monkeys, dancing surikata, who knew all the colors. Even our little buddies have become acrobats for a while and showcased various circus exercises together with the circus. At the end even a magic came around. All accompanied by harmonica and cheerful songs.


On one beautiful day, which happened to be a Monday, we took our Bambino prepreschoolers for a tour of the Old New Jewish synagoge and of the Jewish cemetery. The guide showed us the Old New synagoge, its history and the story about Golem and how he was cleaning the synagoge´s halls helping Rabi Loevi. Also that Golem got the magic shem to come alive. After the tour of the synagoge we went to more closely check the cemetery where we were searching for pictures on the grave stones, learning their meanings as explained by the tour lady. At the end of the visit, we were invited to draw our Golems and present them with something from the modern history, like cars, washing machines or Spiderman. We loved this trip and we can´t wait for another one.

Observatory station

On Friday 9. 2. 2018 our preschool friends went to the Stefanik observatory at Petřín, where they watched a story about stars and saw a giant telescope. We took a cabin all the way to Petřín and even though it was freezing that day we all enjoyed a short walk in the park and the whole trip


On Thursday 08. 02. 2018, Bambíno welcomed visitors from all over the world - Japanese samurai, cowboy and wildwest Indians, Bulgarian princess or Hawaiian dancers and many others. In the morning we started with a joint presentation and reminding that we meet for the celebration of the traditional Czech carnival. After that, all of our friends and their costumes were introduced on the runway walk and gathered stormy ovations. We made carnival hats and scribes and ended up with a traditional disco.

A visit to the Fire station

On Tuesday, 23rd January our pre-school friends paid a visit to the Fire station next to the Central workshops. They were wellcome by the chief fireman and showed all the cars that were present at the station. What did the children like best ? Each car contained interesting requisites and tools The children tried a downward ride on the bar, put on a protecting helmet, attempted at holding fire tools and squeezing themselves into the transport carriage – all at the same time. When leaving the children were enthusiastic and some of them perhaps convinced that just this will be their future profession.
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Ecole maternelle Bambíno

Nous avons préparé un programme unique, conçu à base de jeu, qui met l’accent sur un mode de vie sain ainsi que sur l’enseignement de l’anglais ou du français. Nous disposons de notre propre salle de gymnastique, d’un atelier de céramique, d’une salle de création et d’une vraie cuisine pour enfants. Nous soutenons les démarches smart grid, éco, bio, ...

Crèche Bambíno

Nous proposons des prestations de soins pour des enfants âgés de plus de 6 semaines, pendant la journée, des heures convenues et les week-ends. Nous disposons de locaux agréables et tranquilles, adaptés ? l’âge des enfants, ainsi que d’un personnel médical professionnel...