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I don’t want a tooth decay

We had a visit on Thursday 16.11. in our Bambino. Students, future Dentists came to visit us and told us very intersting story about Naughty tooth. They told and showed us how to brush our teeth properly. Children realy enjoyed this morning and we believe that they will like brushing teeth even more then before.

Trip to museum of Teddy bears

Last week, our pre-preschoolers and preschoolers went to Medvědárium – a museum of teddy bears. The museum was full of teddy bears in different sizes, colors and from different materials. Some of the teddy bears were 80 years old. Our friends found out something about how to make a teddy bear and then they saw how to fix a damaged teddy bear. We all enjoyed this trip and now we know something more about our teddy bears that we have home.

Cipher of master Brailla

Within the November, the month when we teach children about our human bodies, a visit from the Beluška organization with a service dog Eliška came to Bambino. Eliška´s masters spoke to our children about eye defects, total loss of vision problems, and how much Eliška helps them every day. Eliška showed us how much she could be helpful in everyday situations. Our kids tried to walk with a blind stick, play with Colorina (a tool that recognizes color, light and darkness) and try on various sunglasses simulating different visual impairments. Kids were also read a fairy tale story from a book written in Braille, which they tried to feel as well. At the end of the lecture, our children were rewarded with a diploma and a balloon, with which they played with all afternoon.


After year our Bambino once again enjoyed the feast of all spooks and ghosts – Halloween. Both small and bug Bambinos have turned into the most odd beings. During the day a lot of fun activities were waiting for us – we „fed“ a hungry pumpkin, played halloween skittles. Decorated real pumpkins and danced a tour mini discoparty. We hold an election and voted the best fairy tales character and the winner was a princess.

Rainbow day

Bambino has dressed in rainbow colours. We talked with our little and big frieds about rainbow - where it comes from, what do we need to get rainbow, what colours make rainbow etc. We created various types of rainbow art and decorated our kindergarden. Rainbow poems and games made our everyday bambino life varied


Monday Sep. 18th we had mini olympics in our Bambino. We had diferent activities where kids could show their skills in sports. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the morning. In the end all our friends got diploma for their participation.

Pejsek Rozárka

Dnes nás do Bambína přišel navštívit pan František se svými kamarády - pejskem Rozárkou a hadem Standou. Kamarádi se mohli prvně seznámit s Rozárkou, vyzkoušeli si jaké to je cvičit pejsky a také co různé reakce pejsků znamenají. Pak přišel na řadu Standa, kterého si mohli odvážní kamarádi pohladit a ti nejodvážnější si jej dokonce nechali položit kolem krku. Všichni si program moc užili a už se těšíme na další dobrodružství, které nás bude čekat.

The dog Rozárka

Today Mr. František came to Bambino with his two friends, a dog Rozarka and a snake Standa. Our friends learnt something about dogs and how to train them. And then, it was Standa ´s turn. Brave friends could touch him, and the bravest ones put him around their necks. We all enjoyed this program, and we are already looking forward to new adventures.

Mummie´s afternoon

Last wednesday on the 14th of June we met in Bambíno for Mummie´s afternoon. We made presents for our dear daddies – card, tie and frame. We all enjoyed time that we spent together and we are looking forward next time.

The garden party

Our Bambino garden changed into an undersea world during the garden party. The weather was so nice that we enjoyed all the activities outside and said goodbye to the school year and our dear preschool friends who will go to school after summer. During the afternoon, all of our friends did the activities. After attending every activity, they collected the stamps and got a nice present for completing them. We all enjoyed this day and said our final goodbyes.
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Ecole maternelle Bambíno

Nous avons préparé un programme unique, conçu à base de jeu, qui met l’accent sur un mode de vie sain ainsi que sur l’enseignement de l’anglais ou du français. Nous disposons de notre propre salle de gymnastique, d’un atelier de céramique, d’une salle de création et d’une vraie cuisine pour enfants. Nous soutenons les démarches smart grid, éco, bio, ...

Crèche Bambíno

Nous proposons des prestations de soins pour des enfants âgés de plus de 6 semaines, pendant la journée, des heures convenues et les week-ends. Nous disposons de locaux agréables et tranquilles, adaptés ? l’âge des enfants, ainsi que d’un personnel médical professionnel...