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We are well aware that the quality team is for the education and care for the youngests as important as the quality educational programme. That is the reason to choose our colleagues with a careful consideration. We always look at their professional qualification, working experience and also their energy, empathy and enthusiasm. We do believe you will feel in our Vinohrady Bambíno that we all love working with children and that this work really became an integral part of our lives.

Lucie Pivoňková - director

Lucie lived in London for 2 years, after finishing grammar school where she studied English and worked as an au-pair. In 2006, she graduated from the Master’s Program at the University in Pardubice with an emphasis on English language teaching. During her studies, she obtained a lot of experience in teaching pre-school and school-aged children. Up until 2008, she obtained management and client care experience. Since 2008, she has worked as an director of Bambíno, and newly takes care of the project of the Primary school Square.

Tomáš Trnka - co-owner

Before he started to devote his time to pre-school children, Tomáš had been working in the area of development as a sales and project manager. In 2005, he became a member of higher management in the developers’ group, where he was mainly in charge of PR and human resources. Since 2008, Tomáš has been devoted to the Bambino, newly also to the Primary school Square.

Kristýna Trmalová - client care

       Kristýna worked in Bambíno as a branch manager in Kunratice, then a few years as an HR manager. She participated in the creation of motivating enviroment for employees and she helped to expand our Bambíno team. While working at Bambíno she graduated in her master’s studies focused on security management. She has experience with children as she has an 8-year old brother Ládík, with whom she spends a lot of time. She is interested in dogs, travelling and languages. Kristýna has decided to change her work a bit again, so now you can meet her in Vinohrady branch, where she cares for our clients.

Tereza Reichmannová - client care

Tereza comes from Karlovy Vary, where she studied Aesthetic grammar school with a focus on play to flute and singing. She have broken off her studies when she went to the UK for a few months doing an au pair and occasionally a waitress. She didn´t know exactly what to do in her life. She decided to stay in both, gastronomy and work with children. After a high school, she visited for several months a club for children from a socially disadvantaged environment and at the same time she began studying the hotel management at the hotel college. Her two interests - gastronomy and children - have also been linked to her bachelor work, which has written on the subject of eating habits of children in kindergartens.

J Margarito Terrones - teacher in kindergarten

Jei comes from Laredo, Texas, a border city in the United States. Coming from a Mexican background, he was expose to English and Spanish language from an early age. After a long learning experience in South America, Jei completed an Undergraduate degree in Spanish literature and TEFL Certification in Austin Texas. In 2013, Jei moved to Slovakia to work as a kindergarten teacher. This experience of working with kids marked him and help him discover his strong connection with them. Since July of 2015 Jei has been working for Bambino where he enjoys teaching and learning from his other colleagues.

Mariana Vrbíková - teacher in kindergarten

It was already clear at her studies which way in her professional life she will go. After her studies Mariana worked in several kindegartens where she gained her professional skills. She also took part in the Wild Camp of the Brontosaurus movement as a group leader. Her educational activities for children overlap to her spare time too because she goes in for fine arts, music and learning foreign languages. She likes to be in the midst of other people doing movement and entertainment. Therefore it was really a good bit of luck when the dynamics of her family development led her from her hometown Brno to Prague, straightway to the Bambino, where in accordance with her personal philosophy professionality is connected with creativity and also gaiety in friendly atmosphere.

Maria Alexandra Martin - teacher in kindergarten

Maria Alexandra Martin was born in Venezuela where she has a bachelor degree in Marketing. After finishing her studies she moved to the United States. Maria speaks fluent English and Spanish. Her first experience working with children was in her mother’s nursery. She was also a learning coach for Florida Virtual School in Melbourne, Florida USA. She always shows her passion and dedication for all the kids. In 2014, she decided to move to Prague with her husband and daughter. Maria values the relationships between the teacher and students, so in her classes she is focused on a safe and comfortable learning environment. She is happy to be part of the great Bambino family where she feels at home.

Tereza Kotas - teacher in the kindergarden

Tereza comes from a small town Český Těšín. She graduated from Masaryk University in 2014 - in the field of special education. Tereza started working with children when she was still in high school. She went to Canada to work at summer camp as a camp counselor. Later on she went to Ukraine, where she taught English. Tereza also worked in the USA at private school where she taught mathematics and early literacy. Tereza is interested in bilingual education and its impact on speech. She has completed several pre-school preparation courses for children and proper language development. For the last four years she worked in Brno in the English kindergarten. Two and a half years as an English-speaking teacher. Tereza is currently finishing her masters degree in preschool and primary education.

Simon Storey - teacher in kindergarten

Simon comes from Northumberland, Great Britain, and studied English & Education at the University of Wolverhampton, England, and at Hogescool van Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Whilst in the Netherlands, he taught EFL in three different high schools and then did one term as a Teaching Assistant in a school in Wolverhampton. Having moved to the Czech Republic in 2013, Simon worked as an EFL teacher at several different kindergartens before becoming an TA for a class of 5-6 year olds. Simon enjoys life at Bambino because of the freedom the children are afforded and the friendly atmosphere between children and staff.

Renata Novoměstská - teacher in kindergarten

Since I was young, I always wished to work with kids. Through many circumstances and stops made on both of earth´s hemispheres, I returned back to Prague, where I found what I was searching for. Thanks to my life experiences, knowledge of several languages, management and artistic skills, along with my love for kids, Bambino became the place of dreams come through for me, where I can grow and help others doing the same. Like the saying I follow goes: Let´s play, as life is our play, right?

Lenka Hovadová - teacher in mini-kindergarten

Lenka comes from Ústí nad Orlicí. After finishing High school of social work she continued her studies at University of Palacký in Olomouc – branch of study Pedagogy and governance. During the stuides Lenka realized she is very interested in pedagogy part, so she decided to leave the country. Lenka spent 10 months in Birmingham, where she worked as an au-pair. She is also a member of the Czech Red Cross and she takes part in various actions with this organization aimed primarily at children (summer camps, carnivals, trips).

Eva Latta - teacher in mini-kindergarten

Eva comes from Slovakia, where she studied Medical high school. Then Eva moved to Prague and started working in Motol Hospital as a children’s nurse. There Eva discovered her passion and love for kids, so she went to gain experience in New York as an au-pair, where she stayed 16 years. Homesickness brought Eva back to Prague and we are really happy that she has became a full-fledged part of our nursery team. Eva loves travelling, fitness and spedning time with her family.

Lucie Holubová - teacher in mini-kindergarten

Lucka comes from South Bohemia. She graduated from psychology in education. While studies she worked as a nanny. After school she combined her love to kids and to traveling and left to work as au-pair in London. There she spent two years and realised that children are what she wants to do for future. So she came to work in Bambíno. What she loves about kids is their naturalness and laugh. Her other hobbies are history and art.  

Mária Filipová - assistant in the nursery

Mária is from Slovakia. After finishing her study at the Faculty of Economic and Management in Nitra she left for Prague, where she was working in the supranational telecommunication company for five years.Her desire for change and her feelings for kids brought her here in Vinohrady. Currently she supervises our youngest kids in the Bambíno nursery. She helps them in developing their sense for creativity and playfulness and she is mostly fascinated by their spontaneity and pure joy of life.

Mariana Černá - teacher in nursery

After finishing her studies Mariana became a head of administrative department in a consumer magazine. While looking after her newborn nephew, she realized that for being happy she needs to be surrounded by children. Therefore she used her stay in Australia to obtain Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, also with working experience in a Child Care Centre. After coming back to the Czech Republic she was excited to become a part of the nursery in Bambíno. Thanks to high school studies in France Mariana speaks French fluently. She plays piano and trumpet in a concert band. What she loves about Bambíno is the individual approach to children and the inspirational international team.

Alena Hauptmanová - special education teacher and speech therapist

Alena has completed special pedagogy with specialization in learning disorders and speech therapy. For a long time, she has been engaged in intensive work with either disadvantaged or talented children. Within her leisure time activities and, especially, pedagogical advisory, she has been working on personal development both of children and adults. In Bambíno, she has been assisting in the complex development of children and in putting new educational methods into Bambíno practice. She likes theatre and music. She spends her leisure time travelling or devouring stories of any kind.

Sylvie Stretti - consultant in psycho-social issues

For many years she has been working with children in different situations which include psycho-social fields, such as, development, crisis, family as well as therapeutic. For more than ten years she worked with children in crisis situations, she cooperated educationally for NNO, various firms and at Charles University here in Prague. At Bambíno she will participate in the creation of courses for teachers, which will help them solve difficult situations that children‘s groups can go through. She will also help with new ways of communication when children find themselves in a demanding transitional development period. Why Bambíno? Because this is a Kindergarten that is interested in the children and where children are viewed as a part of a family system. Because a child is a friend in Bambíno and because there are many nice people here.

Alena Walterová - housekeeper

Alena has a lot of experience with this work. For several yeas she worked in gastronomy and as a kitchen keeper in kindergarten where she also helped with children. At Bambino, she is preparing healthy snacks for kids and takes care of cleanliness in the kitchen. She likes baking and bakes very well.

Jan Šimek - driver

Honza has twelve years experience in the transport of people. He ensured transport mainly for foreign film crews. He had lived in America for two years, where he worked in the family business in the construction industry. He provides a safe and smooth transport for our children to the kindergarten and from the kindergarten. Honza is also a father, so he enjoys the company of children in the car.

Jan Trnka - facility administrator

Honza´s daily responsibility is to take care of Bambínos’ buildings and gardens. If you see him at Bambíno, he will probably be carrying a screwdriver or a drill. All adults at Bambíno are happy to have someone skillful at our kindergarten. The children just love to watch Honza working and often want to help.

Zuzana Sahligerová - manager of educational projects

Zuzka is from a family of teachers and since she was youg she has been interested in English. English is now one her main hobbies and she has tried it in various forms – from travelling, interpreting and translating through teaching up to managing a language school where she found that she enjoys working with children. After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague she moved back to Slovakia for a while. After returning to Prague she joined our team as a board assistant.

Klára Uličná - external pedagogical consultant

After finishing a programme for general nurses at a secondary medical school, Klára went to Great Britain where she lived and worked as an au-pair and a teacher´s assistant in a kindergarten for almost 2 years. When she came back she studied at the University of Pardubice and continued in a PhD. programme at Charles University. Presently she works at Charles University in a programme for future English teachers and cooperates with us on many Bambíno projects.


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Stanislava Mastníková
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