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One of the basic Bambino´s credos is the flexibility. That is the reason why we have created four basic types of our programme. You can choose for example from the full-day programme when the children come every morning and leave in the late afternoon. Our basic programmes aren´t the only possibilities we offer. If you had any other needs, we could adjust the programme for your child.


Our five years old son Samuel begun to attend Bambino in summer 2013. We have a comparison of two other kindergartens which he was attending before. We are very happy that the third option was this great kindergarten. We let our son to go to the school in nature in October and even he was out of family for the first time he returned happy and full of experiences. Teachers were regularly sending us messages so we could...

Lucie and Jaroslav Barvířovi
parents of Samuel

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I don’t want a tooth decay

We had a visit on Thursday 16.11. in our Bambino. Students, future Dentists came to visit us and told us very intersting story about Naughty tooth. They told and showed us how to brush our teeth properly. Children realy enjoyed this morning and we believe that they...

Trip to museum of Teddy bears

Last week, our pre-preschoolers and preschoolers went to Medvědárium – a museum of teddy bears. The museum was full of teddy bears in different sizes, colors and from different materials. Some of the teddy bears were 80 years old. Our friends found out something...