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One of the basic Bambino´s credos is the flexibility. That is the reason why we have created four basic types of our programme. You can choose for example from the full-day programme when the children come every morning and leave in the late afternoon. Our basic programmes aren´t the only possibilities we offer. If you had any other needs, we could adjust the programme for your child.


Hello, We would like to thank everyone from Bambíno Vinohrady for how amazing place for children they can create every day. We have joined also our son Lukášek into the selection of the kindergarten. He was excited already at the first visit in Bambíno as it is really an amazing place. Their own accredited programme is a guarantee that they mean it seriously with children here. But here all the seriousness ends...

Pavla and David Hlavičkovi
parents of Lukášek

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Today we went with our preschool friends to Gallery Rudolfinum. We attended the program „A story of an art piece.“ We learned something about the artist. We found out what is it like to be an artist, a curator and a visitor of an art gallery. In the end we built...

Accordion workshop

Every month we have a presentation of a different music instrument in Bambíno. The last day of March eight-year old Jonáš came to play accordion for us. He showed how it doesn´t work, if bellows in the middle are not pulled and pushed. Then we discovered other...