We have prepared, opened and now we nurture Bambíno so that we, you and mainly ´our children´ would feel in our school fully pampered. We do believe that we have managed to create lovely, friendly and inspirational environment. All our nurses, teachers and native speakers enjoy working in such environment and their only concern is to look after their small client´s needs. We value the Bambíno´s accreditation by the Ministry of Education also because it enables us to keep our school fee as low as possible without making any compromise in our care or service. We would be delighted if you viewed Bambíno virtually or came to visit us in person :-)!


Why to choose us?

  • the most spacious and creative environment in Prague
  • empathetic medical and teaching staff
  • a real kindergarten accredited by the Ministry of Education
  • English or French included in the basic price
  • unique and playful school educational programme
  • own sauna, gym, pottery room and functional children´s kitchen
  • large playground and three Cameroon goats in the garden
  • flexible programmes for individual needs of the parents
  • the door (and arms) opened to children from the age of six weeks
  • prices start at 7,500,-Kč per month

Bambino kindergarten

We have prepared a unique playful programme with emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and English or French. In our children-centered environment you can also find the pottery and art room, sauna and children´s kitchen. We support "smart, eco and organic approaches".

Bambino nursery school

In our nursery we provide full-day or half-day attendance, depending on your individual needs. Bambíno nursery environment is very pleasant and peaceful, adjusted to the children´s age. Children are looked after by our professional medical and teaching staff.


I think it was a good decision to have chosen Bambino for my daughter. The teachers are very friendly and warm, so she has enjoyed a lot to be in Bambino. In the initial time of her schoold days, she had not understood at all both English and Czech. However, she nowadays is singing songs in English or Czech even in my home. Also she enjoys playing with friends in Bambino. This is amazing for me. Bambino has an event...

mum of Sana

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Cipher of master Brailla

Within the November, the month when we teach children about our human bodies, a visit from the Beluška organization with a service dog Eliška came to Bambino. Eliška´s masters spoke to our children about eye defects, total loss of vision problems, and how much...


After year our Bambino once again enjoyed the feast of all spooks and ghosts – Halloween. Both small and bug Bambinos have turned into the most odd beings. During the day a lot of fun activities were waiting for us – we „fed“ a hungry pumpkin, played...