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Mummie´s afternoon

Last wednesday on the 14th of June we met in Bambíno for Mummie´s afternoon. We made presents for our dear daddies – card, tie and frame. We all enjoyed time that we spent together and we are looking forward next time.

The garden party

Our Bambino garden changed into an undersea world during the garden party. The weather was so nice that we enjoyed all the activities outside and said goodbye to the school year and our dear preschool friends who will go to school after summer. During the afternoon, all of our friends did the activities. After attending every activity, they collected the stamps and got a nice present for completing them. We all enjoyed this day and said our final goodbyes.

The theater for the nursery

After a while, the theater came back to our nursery. This time our little ones delighted the fairy tale about Red Riding Hood, but a little different. The kids were introduced to Karkulka and her grandmother, a hungry and a little confused wolf, a chatty hunter, and a naughty little lamb. Children laughed and a little afraid, and everyone was happy that at the end everything worked out well, as in every fairy tale.

Daddy’s afternoon

On Thursday we invited daddies to help us make a presents for mother’s day. Little friends and adults have started working with pleasure. Together we have spent nice afternoon full of creativity and fun, which will bring a smile into faces of our mums.

Ecosystem field - workshop

Today we went on a trip with our preschool friends to the DDM Stanice přírodověců, where we attended a program called the ECO field. We saw kangaroos with their little babies, lots of bunnies, mice and hamsters. Later on, a very nice lady Kristýna showed us the different kinds of wheat and we discussed how to make dough. And because the weather was so beautiful we baked the bread outside on the terrace. We brought the bread back to Bambino and shared it with our friends. 

Juniors to seniors

On Tuesday we went with our pre-preschoolers to a senior’s house to visit grandmas and grandpas. We sang them songs from our spring performance and gave them presents that we have made for them.

Trip to the traffic playground

Today we went with our preschool friends on a trip to a traffic playground Pražačka. During the recent cycling course we all learned how to ride a bike and now it was the time to practice the rules on the road. We practiced the road signs and then we all rode the bikes and the scooters. Thanks to the beautiful weather we all enjoyed the trip and now we also know how to behave on the road.

Preschool performance

Today our preschoolers had a big day. After a long and hard practising they finally showed their performance in front of all the parents in a real theatre. Everyone turned into the actors and the actresses and they did a great job. In the end all deserved a big ovation.

Juniors to seniors

Today we went to the senior house to visit the grandmas and the grandpas who live there. We brought them beautiful Easter presents and we sang the songs to them. Then we colored some colouring pages all together. The grandmas and the grandpas were so nice and gave us some sweet treats. Even though the weather was rainy we all enjoyed the trip.

Blue Monday and egg hunting

On Monday all Bambino children turned into the colour blue. :-) We went for an Easter hunt in the Bambino garden where the Easter bunny lost all of his eggs. And because we found all of them we got some sweet treats from him.
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Kindergarten Bambino

In unserem Kindergarten werden Kinder nach einem einmaligen spielerischen Bildungsprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf gesunde Lebensweise und Fremdsprachen (Englisch oder Französisch) betreut. Der Kindergarten verfügt über eine eigene Turnhalle, Keramik- und Kunstwerkstatt und Übungsküche. Smart, Öko und Bio werden bei uns großgeschrieben…

Kinderkrippe Bambino

Angeboten werden Halbtags-, Ganztags- und Wochenendbetreuung für Kinder ab der 6. Lebenswoche durch ausgebildetes pädagogisches und medizinisches Personal in einer angenehmen, ruhigen und kindergerechten Umgebung…