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Bambíno has its daughter in Guinea

Her name is Kolokan Condé and she lives with her mother and siblings in a town Conakra. We adopted her when she was nine and thanks to our help she can attend school, have her own uniform, school tools and basic medical care. We regularly exchange letters and pictures with her. Our children are always happy to hear some news from her. You can find more information at

Juniors to seniors

We love looking after the children but also enjoy helping the others and the connection of juniors and seniors is just quite natural. We co-operate with Sue Ryder long-term, as we feel their philosophy is similar to ours - trying to provide professional help and pleasant environment for the seniors. We help Sue Ryder with its fund-raising collections, organize some creative workshops and we even took part in the first two seasons of Sue Ryder Cup (the football tournament). You can find more about Sue Ryder on


Rescue of old „České poštovny“ from Sněžka

The oldest and the highest placed poštovna in the Czech Republic needed our help. It should have been demolished after 150 years of its existence. However, we found a team of friends and place for its future existence. In June 2009 we all took holiday from work, went to Sněžka and in 5 days we took it down board by board. We marked each board very carefully, loaded everything on trucks and took it to Javorová skála. During 5 other days in July we managed to build poštovna back and so it was opened on 29th August 2009. Now poštovna is saved and everyone can visit it:-) We would like to thank all our friends co-operating on this project.

Kindergarten Bambino

In unserem Kindergarten werden Kinder nach einem einmaligen spielerischen Bildungsprogramm mit Schwerpunkt auf gesunde Lebensweise und Fremdsprachen (Englisch oder Französisch) betreut. Der Kindergarten verfügt über eine eigene Turnhalle, Keramik- und Kunstwerkstatt und Übungsküche. Smart, Öko und Bio werden bei uns großgeschrieben…

Kinderkrippe Bambino

Angeboten werden Halbtags-, Ganztags- und Wochenendbetreuung für Kinder ab der 6. Lebenswoche durch ausgebildetes pädagogisches und medizinisches Personal in einer angenehmen, ruhigen und kindergerechten Umgebung…